Yes, you can expect The Boys Season 4 to arrive in 2024

Amazon has already confirmed that The Boys Season 4 will come out in 2024. When can we expect it?
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

Amazon doesn’t often tell us when new shows are coming out any earlier than a couple of months before. However, we learned at the end of 2023 that The Boys Season 4 would be released in the new year.

This isn’t too surprising. The series wrapped most of production before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. It was just post-production that was really halted by the series. It is possible that the initial plan was to bring the series back in 2023, but this is a show that Amazon can get away with pushing back a little. That’s especially the case when we got the spin-off series Gen V in 2023.

We know that The Boys Season 4 is definitely coming in 2024. Now the question is when that will happen.

When could The Boys Season 4 premiere on Prime Video?

I wouldn’t expect this in early 2024. If that was going to be the case, Amazon would have likely said something. There is still potentially a lot of post-production work to do. After all, this series is heavy in the graphics.

Back in 2021, Amazon shared that The Boys Season 3 was coming in 2022 and even had a teaser trailer. The season didn’t come out until the summer. It’s possible that Amazon is doing the same thing here, especially with the release of the teaser at the same time.

We do have an idea of what to expect. The first season of Gen V gave us some hints of what to expect. It looks like the election is going Victoria’s way and that Butcher has found out that the virus has been made. What he knows about the virus is another thing. Will he find out what its use is and how it could help the vigilantes?

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The Boys Season 4 will premiere on Prime Video in 2024.