Eclipse glasses on Amazon: The best solar eclipse glasses for the path of totality in 2024

If you want to watch the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, you need to do it in a safe way. We have the best eclipse glasses on Amazon to buy.
A boy watches a partial solar eclipse in San Salvador...
A boy watches a partial solar eclipse in San Salvador... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The 2024 solar eclipse will be here before you know it. Make sure you get these eclipse glasses on Amazon to be able to watch it all.

The moon is passing in front of the sun on Monday, April 8. Those in parts of North America will get to watch it in full totality.

Of course, it’s important to do this in a safe way. A lot of schools in Ontario, Canada are opting to make the day a training day so that children aren’t at risk of looking up at the sun. After all, there are risks of ocular problems because of the way the sky goes dark and the pupils dilate.

The importance of approved eclipse glasses on Amazon

Solar eclipse glasses are a must unless you want to do the pinhole box method to watch it. There are a lot of eclipse glasses on Amazon, but you need to make sure they are approved. You can’t just watch through your normal sunglasses due to the brightness of the sun and the way the eyes dilate.

ISO approved glasses are essential. You may also see them referred to as NASA approved. Amazon has a few on offer. Yes, they are a little more expensive than others, but they’re worth it for the safety. Plus, you can keep them should you be in an area for a future eclipse.

5 NASA approved eclipse glasses on Amazon to buy

We have a few options on Amazon to get to watch the 2024 solar eclipse.

If you’re looking for something just for the family, check out the Solar Eclipse Glasses that are CE and ISO Certified. This is a pack of six and comes with the planets all over them. The style with the cardboard is very much like the old-school 3D glasses that we used to get with comics to help keep the costs down.

You can also get the 10 pack in blue. This one comes with a smartphone filter as well, giving you the chance to safely view through your phone’s camera. You’ll be able to get some photos of the solar event. The 10-pack is great if you have a few friends coming over to watch the event, and they are still in cardboard to help keep the costs down.

If you need more glasses, there’s this 12-pack. Like the two above, these glasses are CE and ISO Certified, making them safe for total coverage of the sun. This pack comes with two smartphone photo filter lenses, making them great for everyone in the party to quickly snap some photos safely.

Would you prefer something a little more sturdy? There are some that are more like regular sunglasses, made with a plastic frame that are on the larger side so they will fit over your regular glasses. There are two in this Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses pack. There’s even a guide with a map to make sure you ge the best view possible.

Finally, there’s a three-pack of the durable glasses. The glasses have a slightly lighter lens, but they are still ISO and CE Certified to make sure they are safe. You’ll also get a guide so that you can get the most out of this event.

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