Can't get enough of Fallout? Here are 5 more shows to watch

Fallout is a violent journey into a dystopian future. Now that you've binged all eight episodes, it's time to turn to these other five shows to get your post-apocalyptic future fix.
Power Suit and Aaron Moten (Maximus) in “Fallout”
Power Suit and Aaron Moten (Maximus) in “Fallout” /
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The 100 on Netflix

If you’re looking for another show with multiple seasons, The 100 is the place to turn. This dystopian future is more like Fallout in the way that a nuclear war led to the destruction of the Earth. While some people tunnelled down, others went up in to space.

The series starts in space. As supplies run out, the adults decide to send 100 teenagers who were inmates and awaiting their 18th birthday to see if they would float or return to society to Earth. These teenagers are a way to see if the Earth is habitable yet.

While there, the teens learn that people did manage to survive the nuclear apocalypse on Earth. People have returned to older ways when it comes to survivals, as they develop their own clans.

All seven seasons are on Netflix to stream. Or you can buy the seasons on Amazon Video.

Jericho on Paramount+

Finally, we have an oldie but a goodie. This is another one that focuses on nuclear mushroom clouds bringing an end to life as we know it. The series is set in a small town called Jericho in Kansas, and the people believe they are the only people left alive when a nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon.

Of course, that leads to panic and fear. Secrets come out, and the personal agendas of those in the town come out. Paranoia is at an all-time high, and yet some of the most unlikely of people end up becoming heroes. The people of Jericho need to rebuild, while they figure out what’s going on outside, especially when they learn they’re not the only Americans left.

You can stream all seasons of Jericho on Paramount+ right now.

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