Red Queen on Prime Video is based on a book but not the one you immediately think of

A lot of fans are waiting for the adaptation of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. That's not the book this upcoming Prime Video series is based on.
Red Queen
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We know there’s an adaptation of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard coming. When you saw the title on the list of shows coming to Prime Video this month, you likely got excited. There is some bad news.

While the adaptation is still in the works, it’s not this series called Red Queen on Prime Video. The adaptation of the Aveyard book is set to go to Peacock still. This series is based on a different book.

What is Red Queen on Prime Video about?

The series on Prime Video, coming on Thursday, Feb. 29, is actually a foreign language series. It’s titled Reina Roja and is based on the first book in a trilogy by Juan Gómez-Juardo. It’s not yet clear if his follow-on books, Loba Negro and Rey Blanco, will be adapted just yet. That will likely depend on the success of this first season.

The series follows Antonia Scott, who is officially the world’s smartest person. She is the “Red Queen” of a secret and experimental project within the police department. While you would think that her intelligence would give her everything life has to offer, it doesn’t.

She is called in to help with a situation, though. The son of a powerful tycoon has been found murdered. At the same time the daughter of Spain’s wealthiest man has been abducted. It’s up to Antonia to help get to the bottom of the situation. This, of course, sets off a chain of events that brings us a cat and mouse game.

If you love thrillers, you’ll certainly want to check out this series.

What about the other Red Queen series?

Of course, fans still want to know about the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. That is still reportedly in development, and it’s supposed to go to Netflix. The strike action during the summer slowed things down, so it’s not clear what’s going on just yet.

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Red Queen is on Prime Video on Thursday, Feb. 29.