No, Reacher Season 3 is not coming in January 2024

We've come to the end of Reacher Season 2, and we know that a third season is definitely happening. When could we expect Reacher Season 3 to premiere?
Reacher season 2
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In some bad news, we’re at the end of Reacher Season 2. It was an excellent season, and there’s no doubt that we’re ready for more. The great news is we’ll get more. Reacher Season 3 is officially happening.

Now for the bad news. We’re not getting those episodes any time soon. No, we definitely will not have any more new episodes of Reacher this month. You’ll need to go back to the beginning of the series if you want to see Alan Ritchson in the titular role a little longer.

So, how long do we need to wait for it? Is there any chance that we’ll get the episodes this year?

Reacher Season 3 will likely arrive in 2025

I wouldn’t expect to see Reacher Season 3 on Prime Video this year. While it is possible, it’s not likely. However, never say “never” and all that!

Production has already started on the show. We don’t know exactly when production started, but it wouldn’t have been any earlier than the end of November. After all, the actor strike made it so that no production could go on. Ritchson has been on social media to share bits about the third season, and it was on the set that he confirmed Season 3 was happening.

Filming of Season 2 took around seven months. We’re probably going to see the same thing for Season 3. That will take us to around July 2024. Then the show needs to get through post-production. So, this does make it look like a late 2024 is possible. With having episodes air this year already, we could see Amazon hold off until early 2025.

This is going to depend on how much is ready by the end of the year. The strike action in summer 2023 certainly pushed a few projects back.

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Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video.