Reacher Season 2 finale ending explained: What happened to Swan?

Reacher Season 2 came to a thrilling conclusion that explained what had happened to Swan. Did the whole remaining team survive?
Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video /

Throughout Reacher Season 2, we had the question of whether Swan was a good soldier turned bad. That question was answered officially in the penultimate episode, and it was time for the 110th to find out what had happened to him.

Reacher Season 2 came to a dramatic conclusion that made it clear that the 110th may be the good guys, but they’re not the “heroes” of the story. They’re more like anti-heroes in a sense. They will make sure everyone gets the karma they deserve, and that doesn’t mean being arrested.

Did the entire team make it through the finale alive? Here’s everything that went down in the Reacher Season 2 finale.

What happened to Swan in the Reacher Season 2 finale?

Reacher had decided to allow himself to be “caught” in the penultimate episode. It didn’t take long for Langston to find out that Neagley definitely wasn’t dead. So, where was she? He needed to keep Reacher alive to get answers, but he didn’t need the other two.

Before he continued with his plan to people on the helicopter, Langston did reveal what happened to Swan. He is definitely dead. Langston didn’t need all of him to frame him, keeping just a finger and an eye to set the digital trail. It would look like Swan had taken the money and disappeared.

Now if only Reacher wasn’t resourceful. He had a pin in his boot that he could use to get out of the handcuffs. While Karla and O’Donnell were loaded onto the helicopter to face the fate of their fellow fallen comrades, Reacher was able to escape and get to the helicopter before it took off.

Did Karla die in Reacher Season 2?

While a fight broke out on the helicopter, a gunshot hit the front window. For a second, the pilot lost control, and Karla’s gurney slide toward the open door at the back. Reacher was able to grab her in time. There were some unrealistic movie moments at this point, but we’ll let the Prime Video series off. After all, we need this sort of drama in an action series.

Karla was able to get herself free and get back onto the helicopter. The two of them together could take down Langston and Reacher threw him out of the helicopter in the way he’d done with so many others.

What happened with the money in the Reacher Season 2 finale?

Now it was all about A.M. He ended up at the house he was going to meet Langston, only to find out that he was meeting the remaining members of the 110th. Reacher and co. weren’t willing to let him go considering everything he’d been able to do. They all killed him, and then Neagley fired off one of the New Age missiles to take down the helicopter, killing the pilot they’d allowed to “escape.”

This moment makes it clear that these people aren’t really the heroes of the story. Heroes would trust the cops or allow some people to go with the threat that they’ll be watched. The 110th know that bad people will remain bad, and they’re not going to allow other people to end up hurt.

The four ended up taking the money after also making sure Senator Lavoy paid for his involvement in it all. It didn’t matter that he came through with an assist in the end.

Reacher made sure the money was divided up properly. Families of the fallen were sent some and an animal shelter was given money to mark Swan’s pet left behind. Reacher also made sure that Neagley’s dad and O’Donnell’s children were looked after. He then set up an LLC in Karla’s name making it clear she needs to work for herself and not for others.

What about him? He needs a new toothbrush. I just love how Reacher isn’t materialistic. He made it clear throughout the series that taking things with him just meant stuff to carry. He didn’t need it; just whatever he could fit in his pockets.

He did end up buying a bus ticket that is good for one year of unlimited travel, though. That means he gets to continue his nomadic life. Where will we see him in Reacher Season 3?

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