Everything coming to Prime Video this week: Strays and more

Strays is one of the big 2023 movies heading to Prime Video this week. Here's a look at everything you can watch.
(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx), Hunter (Randall Park), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Reggie (Will Ferrell) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.
(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx), Hunter (Randall Park), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Reggie (Will Ferrell) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum. /

You’ve spent the weekend working through all episodes of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Now it’s time to see what’s new on Prime Video in the coming week.

We’re leading up to the Super Bowl. If you’re not watching that game (or even the commercials and the half time show) then you’ll want to save some of the new content this week to watch then. There are still the many movies that dropped on Thursday, Feb. 1 to watch too.

If you are watching the Super Bowl, then you’ll want to check out this week’s releases as they drop. There are some great ones to check out.

Strays, The Silent Service, and more

Let’s start with the 2023 movie Strays. It looks like Prime Video is remaining the second streaming home for Universal Pictures movies. And this one is going to be a lot of fun for the adults in the house. Yes, it may be about talking dogs, but it is most definitely R-rated.

The movie follows a dog who is dumped by his useless owner. He finds a gang of strays who help him get revenge on this waste of space. What happens after that? You’ll need to watch it to find out.

If you’re into manga, you’ll want to check out the series The Silent Service, which drops this week. The manga is set during the Cold War, and follows the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, which develops a nuclear submarine with the United States Navy. During the maiden voyage, Captain Shiro Kaieda declares that the submarine is an independent state and calls on the UN summit to recognize it as an independent nation. As it heads to New York, the U.S. and the Soviet Navies focus on taking it down.

Reece Witherspoon fans will want to check out her 2017 movie Home Again. She plays Alice Kinney, who moves back to LA with her daughters after separating from her husband. While celebrating her 40th birthday, she meets Harry, George, and Teddy, who are all young filmmakers looking for a place to live. She lets them stay at her guesthouse, and it leads to some unexpected friendships and a budding romance. However, what happens when her ex shows up at the house with a suitcase in his hand?

Everything on Prime Video this week

All the Amazon Originals are denoted with the asterisks.

February 6


  • Strays (2023)
  • Surrounded (2023)

February 8


  • *The Silent Service (2024)


  • Home Again (2017)

February 9


  • St. Vincent (2014)
  • *Upgraded (2024)

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