Maxton Hall is among the Prime Video releases this week

It's a relatively quiet week on Prime Video, but there are some great releases. Here's a look at everything arriving from Monday, May 6 to Sunday, May 12.
Maxton Hall -- © Prime Video / Stephan Rabold
Maxton Hall -- © Prime Video / Stephan Rabold /

Considering we just had the big drop on May 1, it’s not surprising that this week is on the quiet side when it comes to Prime Video releases. There is still a lot of content to get through.

Take a look through the May 1 releases for ways to get through the week. There are some great movies, whether you’re looking for a horror franchise like Hellraiser or you want something fun for the whole family like Tom & Jerry.

When it comes to this week, everything arrives on Wednesday, May 8. Here’s a look at everything you can stream this week.

Maxton Hall and The GOAT

Wednesday, May 8 sees the release of two new Amazon Originals. One of them is a foreign language release, and it’s going to be perfect for fans of Gossip Girl. Maxton Hall – The World Between Us is a six-part German-language series.

Ruby witnesses an explosive secret while attending the public school Maxton hall. James Beaufort will do everything that he can to keep it covered up, and he’ll need to deal with Ruby soon. The question is how he’ll do it. This is a case of rich kid vs. scholarship kid, but could it end up with a spark forming between the two of them.

The GOAT is perfect for the reality show fans out there. This series was originally going to Freevee, but it’s now coming to Prime Video instead. The series follows 14 reality TV celebrities competing to be the “greatest of all time.” In other words, they want to prove that they are the GOAT. They will be put through their paces to prove that.

Everything on Prime Video this week

All Amazon Originals are denoted with the asterisks.

May 8


*Maxton Hall - The World Between Us (2024)
Oh My Ghost (2015)
*The GOAT (2024)

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