Do you need to watch THEM: The Convenant before THEM: The Scare?

THEM: The Scare is finally coming to Prime Video. Will you need to watch the first season of the horror series before jumping into the new episodes?
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Usually, when it comes to a new season of a TV series, it would be worth rewatching the first season. What about when it comes to THEM: The Scare? Do you need to watch THEM: The Covenant again?

THEM: The Scare is the highly anticipated second season of the horror series. It’s been three years since the first season dropped, and there are chances that you haven’t watched the episodes in a while. So, do you need to do a quick binge-watch?

There is some good news if you don’t have time for a binge-watch. However, I will say that it will be worth rewatching to get a sense of the themes and style of the series.

THEM: The Scare is a standalone season of the series

THEM is an anthology horror series. That means the two seasons are standalone. The second season does not pick up on any of the storylines that happened in the first season, including that shocking turn of events when it came to the stalker of Betty Wendall.

THEM: The Scare picks up almost 40 years after the events of the first season. We’re still in Los Angeles, but it’s in 1991, when tensions remain high between the Black community and the police. Black people who are cops are viewed as traitors to their people.

When there is a gruesome murder, homicide detective Dawn Reeve is pulled in to figure it out. This is much worse than anything she’s seen before, but her white colleague isn’t willing to take it all that seriously. After all, the victim is Black. Then a second victim shows up, who is also Black. Dawn needs to do the best she can for her people.

On top of that, there is something sinister following her. What if her home is no longer safe thanks to what she’s walked into? And why are Black people the targets? What if there are other races being attacked by this supernatural creature?

There may be some Easter eggs from THEM: The Covenant. I’ve watched the first three episodes so far and not seen a connection just yet, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a connection later on. After all, it’s still Los Angeles County, and there is still something sinister targeting Black people.

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THEM: The Scare drops in full on Thursday, April 25 on Prime Video.