5 must-have items from Amazon for your Super Bowl party needs

Super Bowl 2024 is this weekend, and you're sure to be putting the last-minute fixings to your party. Here are five must-have items to get from Amazon right now.
Super Bowl LVIII - Previews
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Clear serving trays with tongs

There are some dishes that you’ll want to put in plastic or ceramic bowls. I’d stay away from the ceramic or anything breakable at a Super Bowl party. You just never know what’s going to happen as the game plays—especially if two people in the same house are on opposing sides!

So, you want these clear serving trays instead. You can put water in them to keep any vegetables crisp, and there’s even a lid to keep everything fresh throughout the night. And yes, there are tongs. Keep those Cheeto-covered fingers away from the other foods!

Super Bowl cupcake tower

Are you getting some cupcakes for dessert? Maybe you’re getting cookies, small dessert bites, or you just want somewhere to put cute Super Bowl decorations. It’s all about the Super Bowl cupcake tower.

This comes with three layers to balance the desserts. It’s sturdy for average size cupcakes, and it comes with a football, a field, and the touchdown sign to make it clear what the night is all about. One of the best things is that it doesn’t include any teams, so you can take it down and store it for next Super Bowl, too! It even works for any football game you want to throw a party for.

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