5 movies to watch on Prime Video instead of the Ball Drop

It's almost time to say hello to another year. Don't want to watch the Ball Drop? Here are five movies on Prime Video to check out instead.
Saltburn on Prime Video
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Last Christmas

Are you still in the mood for a Christmasy movie? Well, it’s time to turn your attention to the rom-com Last Christmas.

The story follows Kate, who is just getting through life. Everything is the same, and she doesn’t feel like she has much to live for. That is until she meets Tom, a handsome man who wants to give her opportunities that she’s never had before.

As she learns more about living life, she figures out ways that she can give back to the people around her and make the world a better place for many more. Will she find love at the same time?

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

How about one of the best action movies of 2023? Everything, Everywhere, All At Once follows an unlikely hero has she finds out that she has powers that she’ll need to control if she wants to protect the universe. In fact, it’s not just her universe. Reality has been ruptured and unraveled, and it’s up to this unlikely hero to save the multiverse.

The movie has an excellent Asian-American main cast, with Michelle Yeoh in the lead. While it is a supernatural action movie at heart, it also touches on subjects such as nihilism, surrealism, and the neurodivergent world.