5 movies to watch on Prime Video instead of the Ball Drop

It's almost time to say hello to another year. Don't want to watch the Ball Drop? Here are five movies on Prime Video to check out instead.
Saltburn on Prime Video
Saltburn on Prime Video /
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Check out these five movies on Prime Video to say goodbye to 2023

We’re saying goodbye to another year. Not everyone will be in the celebration spirit. Is anyone walking into 2024 saying “it’s my year?” So, instead of watching the Ball Drop, you need to find something to check out on Prime Video.

The good news is Amazon has something for everyone. Whether you want a twisty psychological thriller or you’re in the mood for a rom-com, you’ll find something on the streamer to watch. The full list of movies can end up a little overwhelming, though.

We’ve got some great picks to get you started. Here are five movies that are more than worth watching, and they’re free with your Prime membership right now.


We’ll get the twistiest movie on the list out of the way first. Saltburn only arrived on Prime Video Christmas weekend, and it is a must-watch if you love movies that take you through multiple emotions. There are some triggering moments, though.

The movie follows an Oxford student, Oliver, who is an outcast since he’s on a scholarship. He ends up befriending rich kid Felix. It looks like Oliver could end up being some sort of charity case for Felix and plaything for his family, but what if the tables are turned? What is Oliver really up to?