9 most detestable characters on The Boys

Homelander and Stormfront are easy characters to hate, but we love to hate them. There are some characters on The Boys who are just detestable.

The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video /
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Cassandra Schwartz

The Deep needed to find redemption, and that is what his story arc has been since the first season. In the second season, he ended up getting mixed up in the cult, and that led to him marrying Cassandra Schwartz.

At first, Cassandra seemed like another brainwashed cult member. However, things changed as we saw her personality change when she married The Deep. She won’t leave the guy, but she will make him into exactly what she wants. She isn’t even afraid of his Supe abilities.

How long can Cassandra pull The Deep’s strings? Will he realize and do something to get out? Do we even care, though, as long as it doesn’t affect a character we like?

Little Nina

Frenchie’s former boss, Little Nina, is a huge problem outside of The Seven issue. She would have killed Cherie and Frenchie if it wasn’t for Kimiko jumping into action. She makes it clear that she has no empathy.

In a way, that shouldn’t be surprising. She is a Russian mafia boss, after all. Of course she is going to rule with an iron fist. That doesn’t mean we have to like her for it.

The issue with Little Nina is that she’s sure to get in the way. A lot. She doesn’t care about the mission to take down the Supes.