9 most detestable characters on The Boys

Homelander and Stormfront are easy characters to hate, but we love to hate them. There are some characters on The Boys who are just detestable.
The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video /
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Todd his the stepfather to Mother’s Milk’s daughter, and he very quickly made it clear that he is one toxic person. He is all about the Supes, and not in a good way. He supports everything they do, including killing people just for being against the Supes.

He also clearly wants to undermine Mother’s Milk when it comes to parenting. This is a guy who doesn’t follow the rules of being a stepparent. It doesn’t help that Mother’s Milk knocked him out, but the guy did arguably deserve it.

Todd just isn’t willing to hear that Supes do back things in the name of “justice.” And if he can holler at the sight of Homelander murdering someone, there is no redemption for him.


The Supes are bad. We know that. However, there are some Supes worse than others. One of those is A-Train.

He is willing to cheat to keep his position on The Seven. I understand his insecurities and his unwillingness to go back to being nothing, but he is going about things the wrong way. Rather than admit he’s wrong when he suffers from heart problems, he decides to keep going and find ways around his problems.

Maybe things will change in The Boys Season 4. Now that his brother has been seriously injured, it could be time for him to see that the wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing.