Is Miller's Girl coming to Amazon after theaters? (Where to stream)

Jenna Ortega stars as a talented young writer in Miller's Girl. This is a movie you'll want to watch at home, but where will it stream after theaters?
"Miller's Girl" Screening At Palm Springs International Film Festival
"Miller's Girl" Screening At Palm Springs International Film Festival / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

Jenna Ortega is taking the world by storm. You’ll certainly want to check out her newest movie out in theaters, Miller’s Girl.

In this, she plays a talented young writer. Her teacher, played by Sherlock’s Martin Freeman, notices that talent and decides to push her. However, it leads to the two of them building an increasingly complex web of lies and their lives blur and intertwine.

This is a psychological thriller at the heart of it. The two of them delve into the darkest sides of themselves while they try to hold onto the light that they hold dear. Just how deep do you need to look into your soul for true talent to shine?

Is Miller’s Girl on Prime Video?

The movie is currently out in theaters, but it will eventually head to a streaming platform. That is not going to be Amazon’s Prime Video platform, but you will want to keep that membership.

This is a Lionsgate movie, which means that the first streaming home in STARZ. The great thing about this one is that it’s available via Amazon Channels, so you can keep everything in one place for a small extra cost on top of your Prime membership.

Is Miller’s Girl on Amazon Video?

If you don’t want to add another streaming platform, that’s understandable. You’ll want to find another way to watch the movie, and the Digital release is something to look out for. Miller’s Girl will get a Digital release, and that means it will be available to rent or buy on Amazon Instant Video.

It’s important to note that Amazon Instant Video is separate from Prime Video. When you buy a movie on Amazon, you get to keep it for as long as you have your Amazon account. That means you can watch it whenever you want and not have to worry about having the right streaming platform.

We don’t have a release date for Digital just yet.

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Miller’s Girl is available to watch in theaters.