Is Migration on Amazon? (Where to stream)

Migration is the family movie that you'll want to check out this weekend. Where can you stream it after theaters?
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If you love movies about animals going on an adventure, you’ll want to check out Migration. This family movie is out in theaters this weekend.

Migration is an animated movie that follows a group of birds that decide to head out on an adventure. They’re done with their New England pond and they want to go to Jamaica instead. However, after a mishap, they end up in New York City. They’ll need to open up their minds if they want to survive, and that means making friends in some of the most unusual places.

It’s going up against some big movies. Anyone But You and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are both out at the same time. So, it’s likely that you’re looking for something that you can wait to watch at home when it comes to streaming.

Is Migration on Prime Video?

This animated family movie is not expected to head to Prime Video. At least, not at first and not for a while.

It’s an Illumination movie. In other words, it’s connected to NBCUniversal, so we’re expecting this movie to head to Peacock after its initial run in theaters. Yes, some Universal movies have headed to Prime Video, but not those under the animation banner. We just have to look at The Super Mario Bros. Movie to remember that these tend to head to Netflix.

Is Migration on Amazon Video?

What about the other way to watch on Amazon? There is always the release on Digital via Amazon Instant Video, right? This makes it possible to forget streaming platforms altogether.

Well, yes, we do expect to see the movie head to Digital. This could be within the next month or two, which fits the release of other animated movies this year.

Migration is currently out in theaters to watch.