MaXXXine could come to Prime Video after theaters (it will be on Amazon)

The third movie in the X franchise is now out in theaters. Where will MaXXXine stream afterward?
MAXXXINE - Courtesy A24
MAXXXINE - Courtesy A24 /

After surviving the Texas massacre, Maxine Minx is ready to get back on with her life. MaXXXine is the third movie in the franchise, and it’s now out in theaters.

The movie follows Maxine, as she focuses on getting her life back on track after the terrifying ordeal in X. Now set in 1985, Maxine continues to pursue her dream of being famous. However, there’s another serial killer on the loose. This time, it’s all about the Night Stalker who is terrifying women around Los Angeles.

The A24 movie is currently out in theaters, and that’s where you want to go for your first watch. Where is the movie available to stream afterward?

MaXXXine could head to Prime Video first

A24 doesn’t have an exclusive agreement with a streaming platform. This opens the door for their movies to head to Prime Video first. It all depends on the bidding war that is sure to happen for this release.

If it doesn’t go to Prime Video first, there is a chance that it will in the near future. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this one. Plenty of A24 movies have headed to Prime Video in the past.

MaXXXine will head to Amazon Instant Video

The good news is that A24 movies do get Digital and DVD releases. The great news for those who watch via Amazon is that MaXXXine will head to Amazon Instant Video to buy or rent. When you buy this way, the movie is added to your Amazon Library, and there’s no need to have a subscription to keep watching once you’ve paid.

What isn’t clear is when this movie will be released. It can take a couple of months for A24 to release movies on Digital. It’s usually before the DVD release, so we’re looking at sometime during this summer.