Will Masters of the Air come to DVD and Blu-ray?

Masters of the Air is the sequel to Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Will you be able to add it to the others in your DVD collection?
Masters of the Air on Apple TV+
Masters of the Air on Apple TV+ /

There’s a new World War II drama to check out. Created by those who brought us The Pacific and Band of Brothers, Masters of the Air tells us the story of the 100th Bombardment Group.

This is another series based on true events. It was a little harder to get the full story for this one as there is only one living member of the group left. However, there has been plenty written throughout the years to help.

The series tells us the story of the airmen who risked their lives to take the war to Hitler’s doorstep. They were known as the Bloody Hundred because of the death they saw throughout the last two years of the war. After all, air warfare is among the most dangerous as there’s nowhere to hide when an attack comes in.

You’ll likely want to add this series to your DVD collection. You have Band of Brothers and The Pacific on DVD and Blu-ray, don’t you? Will you be able to get Masters of the Air.

Masters of the Air may not come to DVD and Blu-ray

It’s hard to say for certain whether this series will head to DVD or not. The first two shows did, but that’s because they were HBO shows. HBO at the time was purely a premium cable network, and all shows would eventually head to DVD and Blu-ray. That’s not the case for Masters of the Air.

While HBO initially picked it up, the project was dropped. Apple stepped in to save it, and the show is airing on the streaming platform Apple TV+.

Not a lot of streaming shows head to DVD. This takes people away from the streaming subscription, so the companies don’t want to risk it. It will depend on the contract terms, though. With Band of Brothers and The Pacific heading to DVD, there may have been terms to ensure a DVD release. It is something we’ll keep an eye on.

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Masters of the Air releases new episodes on Fridays on Apple TV+.