Is Lisa Frankenstein on Amazon after theaters? (Where to stream)

Lisa Frankenstein is a dark comedy that's perfect for Valentine's Day. Where will you be able to stream the movie after theaters?
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If you’re in the mood for a dark comedy romance for Valentine’s Day, head to the theaters right now. Lisa Frankenstein is the perfect watch.

The movie stars Kathryn Newton as the titular character. All she wants is a love that knows no bounds, and she finds that in Cole Sprouse’s character. There’s just a slight twist to this story. You see, the boy is dead. Being a reanimated corpse is not going to stop her on this journey of love, though.

The two end up on this journey of love together. It may involve a little bit of murder along the way. Oh, and maybe some missing body parts.

Is Lisa Frankenstein on Prime Video?

This is a theatrical release, which means it’s heading to a streaming platform afterward. The big question is where. Well, as a Focus Features movie, there’s some potentially good news.

Back in 2023, Focus Features movies headed to Prime Video. There’s a good chance that deal is still in place, although there’s nothing confirming or denying that online. So, we could see Lisa Frankenstein head to Prime Video sometime within the next six to 12 months.

Is Lisa Frankenstein on Amazon Video?

It’s going to be released on Digital first. This is usually two or three months after the theatrical release, and there’s some great news for Amazon fans. The movie will be released to buy or rent on Digital via Amazon Instant Video.

This is separate to Prime Video. You don’t need a subscription at all, and there will be no ads even if you only have the basic Amazon Prime account. You’ll be able to watch the movie as often as you want after you buy it, and it’s there for as long as you have your free Amazon account.

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Lisa Frankenstein is now out in theaters.