Is The Beekeeper on Amazon after theaters?

Are you in the mood for a new Jason Statham movie? You're in luck with The Beekeeper, but where will it stream after theaters?
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The first Jason Statham movie of 2024 is finally here. It’s all about The Beekeeper, and you’ll certainly want to head to theaters to watch it.

Like so many other Statham movies, this sees him take on a vengeful mission. The mission turns national when it turns out that he was once involved in a clandestine organization called Beekeepers. Why does he want revenne, though? Well, his friend dies by suicide after falling for a phishing scam. Adam Clay decides to go after the company that created the scam for revenge, protecting others in the process.

This is certainly a movie to watch in theaters for the quality of the action. Plus, you’ll get to see a high-profile cast that includes Jeremy Irons, Emmy Raver-Lampman, and Josh Hutcherson.

Is The Beekeeper on Prime Video?

While you’ll want to see it in theaters, there are a lot of other movies out this weekend. You may need to wait for it to come to streaming. Or maybe you’re just looking at where it will stream afterward to make sure you watch it again at home. Will it be on Prime Video?

There is some great news. This is an MGM movie, and Amazon Studios now owns MGM. The Beekeeper will eventually head to Prime Video. It’s probably going to be toward the end of the year.

Is The Beekeeper on Amazon Video?

What about a Digital release? This will mean that the movie is available to buy or rent via Amazon Instant Video. When you buy, you don’t need to ever worry about which streaming platform it’s on.

Well, there’s great news. MGM’s theatrical releases do head to Digital in the future. This is likely within the next couple of months. You’ll have access to it for as long as you have your Amazon account.

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The Beekeeper is now available to watch in theaters.