Is the Ted series on Amazon? (Where to stream the prequel series)

The Ted prequel series is here. All eight episodes have dropped. Where do you need to go to stream the show?
Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Ted" - Arrivals
Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Ted" - Arrivals / Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

The Ted series is here. This is a chance to go back to when the talking teddy and his best friend John were just teenagers.

The series picks up with a 16-year-old John, who is simply trying to navigate high school. When Ted’s career starts to fail, he returns to the family home and realizes that he needs to go to public high school, too. Of course, that means a lot of crazy antics for the two of them as they mark off all the firsts that they need to complete.

While watching the two of them, we also get to meet John’s parents properly. This is a chance to see just where John’s craziness comes from. We’ll also meet his cousin Blaire, who tries to bring some grounded reality to the story.

Is Ted on Prime Video?

All eight episodes of the prequel series are now available to watch. The question for many people is where the episodes are available. Can you watch them on Prime Video?

We have some terrible news. This is not an Amazon show. It’s a Peacock series, so the only place to stream the episodes online is on Peacock, the NBCUniversal streaming platform.

Is Ted on Amazon Video?

Then there is Amazon Instant Video, the place that you can go to buy episodes of your favorite TV shows. When you buy them, they are added to your Amazon Library to watch as often as you want. There’s no need to figure out which platform the show moves to.

Well, we’re probably not going to get Ted on Digital. This is a streaming original, and it doesn’t make much sense for Peacock to release content on Digital. That takes people away from the streaming platform. It could be released on DVD in the future, though.

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Ted is only available to stream on Peacock.