Is Philo free with Amazon Prime? How to get a free trial, more info

Philo is a great way to get access to live TV without a cable subscription. Is it free with Amazon Prime? What are your options?
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Many people have ditched their cable subscriptions. You may even be in the market to ditch your current one, but you don’t want to lose access to your live TV. That means looking at subscription services like Philo TV, which is available via Amazon.

You’re ditching cable to save money, right? That means looking at what your options are for Philo. Is there a way to get it for free? Can you at least get a free trial?

What is Philo?

Philo TV makes it possible to watch 70+ channels live and on-demand. Whether you want to keep up with Shark Week on Discovery or if you want to make sure the kids are entertained with Nickelodeon, there are plenty of channels to work your way through. You won’t even realize that it’s not cable with the high-quality picture.

However, it’s regularly $25 per month. Is there a way to get it for free with Amazon Prime? After all, there’s an app within your Amazon Prime to download.

You can save your favorite shows through the app. This makes it so much easier to watch on-demand and make sure you don’t miss a beat of your favorites when new episodes drop.

Philo TV is connected to Amazon via Amazon Channels

There is some bad news. Philo isn’t available for free with Amazon Prime. While you can add the app, you will need to pay extra.

This is available via Amazon Channels. It’s very much like Max, STARZ, Paramount+, and more. You need your Prime Video subscription and then you get Philo as an extra service.

Everything is kept in one place, though. Rather than having yet another app to scroll through on your TV’s home screen, everything is kept within Amazon Prime. You can switch between the channels and anything else you’re watching on Prime Video with ease.

Get Philo without Amazon Prime

What if you’re canceling your Prime Video subscription? You can get Philo through other methods. It’s possible to download the app onto your Amazon Firestick, your Roku TV, your Chromecast, your Samsung SmartTV, and much more. As long as you have access to the app, you’re good to download it and use.

You will still need to pay the $25 per month.

When you do have Philo, you can go to the individual apps of the channels that you get. This includes the likes of the BET and AMC apps. You’ll use your Philo login details to be able to access the on-demand services through these individual apps.

How to get a Philo free trial

The good news is you can test out Philo before you commit to it. There is a seven-day free trial available to give you a chance to look through the whole app. You’ll have full access with this seven-day free trial, whether you want to watch live, test out the login with the sign-in partners, or test out the on-demand functions.

Make the most of the seven-day free trial. Make this the only app that you use for that time just to see the quality of the picture and make sure you get the channels that you need. It’s important to test out the quality when you’re watching live and on-demand.

If you don’t see the channels you need, you’ve not lost out on any money. If you find that this is for you, you can keep the app running. All your details are stored with Amazon Prime, so the money will be taken straight from your account as soon as your seven-day free trial runs out. If you don’t want it, make sure you go into your Amazon Prime account and cancel that subscription.

There are no contracts to sign unlike with cable. When you get to a month where you don’t need the live channels, you can cancel your subscription and sign up again when you need it.

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