Is Ordinary Angels on Amazon after theaters? (Where to stream)

Ordinary Angels is based on a true story and stars Reacher's Alan Ritchson. Where can you stream the movie after theaters?

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Are you ready for a movie that is based on a true story? Are you ready for more Alan Ritchson on your screens? The answer to those two questions is a yes, so you’ll want to head to theaters to see Ordinary Angels.

Ritchson stars as a widowed father who is working hard to care for his daughters. The youngest is critically ill, and it’s clear that he needs support. It’s true that it takes a village, and sometimes, you just need to ask for help. Or, you need someone else who can ask for help for you.

Ordinary Angels sees a hairdresser who finds a renewed sense of purpose. She goes on a mission to get the community to help raise money and come to the aid of this father and his daughter. Will it end with happiness, or will we see something like The Ultimate Gift that leaves us heartbroken?

Is Ordinary Angels on Prime Video?

If you can’t see it in theaters, you’ll want to know where it will stream first. The bad news is that this won’t come to Prime Video first. It’s a Lionsgate movie, so it will head to STARZ first.

There is some great news, though. STARZ is one of the Amazon Channels. So, you can get the add-on with your Prime Video account, meaning you can keep everything in one place.

Get Ordinary Angels on Amazon Instant Video

There is another way to watch movies on Amazon. It’s all about the Digital releases. You can buy or rent the movies on Amazon Instant Video. Ordinary Angels will be released in digital format.

While it’s not free with your Prime membership, you will gain a huge benefit by buying the movies. They are added to your Amazon Library and they stay there for as long as you have your account. There’s no need to follow where the movie streams next.

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Ordinary Angels is now out in theaters.