Is Kindle Unlimited included with your Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime offers more than just free shipping. You also get access to free books, but is that through Kindle Unlimited?
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If you love books, you’ll be excited to hear that Amazon Prime does make it possible to read for free. Is this through Kindle Unlimited? We have all the details.

Amazon Prime members can get access to free books via Prime Reading. This is an online library that includes many books from Kindle Unlimited. However, Kindle Unlimited itself is a standalone subscription service.

No, you don’t get Kindle Unlimited included in your Prime membership.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

You can get access to thousands of books. Some of them are from the past, but there are a few recent releases on there. It’s like an online library, where you can add up to 20 books to your Kindle at one time. When you get to the max, you will need to return a book to add a new one.

There is a limited selection, though. You’re not getting access to every single new addition each week. There are select titles each month, and some books are removed now and then. If a book you’re currently reading is removed, it’s going to disappear from your device.

You will need a Kindle or the Kindle App to be able to access the Unlimited books.

How much is Kindle Unlimited?

Not only is this service not part of Amazon Prime, but you don’t need an Amazon Prime membership to access it. It’s a little like Amazon Music Unlimited.

You need to pay $9.99 per month to access Kindle Unlimited. There are discounted prices if you pay for six months or 12 months upfront, a little like how Amazon Prime works. Whether you get one month or six months, you end up with access to all the books available.

If you decide to cancel, you lose access to all the books. This isn’t a way to get and keep books for free.

Can you get audiobooks via Kindle Unlimited?

What if you prefer to listen to books? You likely have an Audible subscription. The good news is you can use Audible and Kindle Unlimited together in a way.

If a book on Kindle Unlimited has an audiobook version, that is also available and included as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. You won’t need the Audible subscription to listen. However, if you want a book that isn’t available via Unlimited, you will need Audible to listen.

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Get Prime Reading for free with your Amazon Prime subscription or sign up for Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 per month.