Is Good Grief on Amazon? (Where to stream)

If you want a comedy with heart, you'll need to check out Good Grief. Which streaming platform do you need?
Good Grief. Daniel Levy (writer/director/producer) stars as Marc in Good Grief. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023.
Good Grief. Daniel Levy (writer/director/producer) stars as Marc in Good Grief. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023. /

Grief is hard. Even in comedic movies, we still get the heartfelt message that grief is something we all need to experience and allow ourselves to go through the emotions. Good Grief is the latest movie to show that.

Dan Levy stars as an artist who is grieving the loss of his husband. While he does that, he decides to head out to Paris with his two best friends. The aim is to process the loss and find a way to move forward. It ends up bringing up a lot of messy secrets and a few hard truths.

Not only do Levy star in this, but it’s also his directorial debut. It has already been released in theaters in a limited capacity, and now it’s available on a streaming platform.

Is Good Grief on Prime Video?

There is some bad news to get this post started. Good Grief is not on Prime Video, and it’s highly unlikely that it will ever come to the streaming platform.

This is a Netflix Original Movie. The only place to stream it online right now is on Netflix. Unless something happens to the streaming powerhouse, there’s no need for Netflix and Amazon to share content.

Is Good Grief on Amazon Video?

What about on Digital, though? After all, this movie did get a theatrical release, albeit in a limited capacity.

I doubt that we’ll see Good Grief head to Amazon Instant Video to buy or rent. Netflix doesn’t need to put content on Digital. In fact, putting content on Digital could be a danger to the streaming platform. People have a way to stream the movie without paying for a streaming platform on a monthly basis. They pay once and that’s it.

There is still a chance that it could come to DVD and Blu-ray, but this isn’t common with Netflix releases. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

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Good Grief is only available to stream on Netflix.