How to get Prime Video without ads

Prime Video now has ads when you get the basic tier. You can upgrade to get it without the ads.
In this photo illustration a Prime Video logo seen displayed...
In this photo illustration a Prime Video logo seen displayed... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

With costs to make shows and movies going up considerably, more and more streaming platforms are bringing an ad-supported tier. And no, it’s not an additional tier below the current basic one. Amazon is the latest to bring ads to it’s current lowest tier on Prime Video.

Amazon shared back in September 2023 that it was going to start bringing “limited” ads to all shows and movies. It was made clear that this move was to help fund new, high-quality content. The ads would play during shows as commercial breaks, but there would be fewer than linear TV.

You can get rid of the ads on Prime Video if you pay more

Of course, like Netflix, Hulu, and Max, which also have ad tiers, it is possible to get rid of the ads. You’ll be able to pay a little extra each month to keep your experience ad-free.

Amazon is offering the ad-free experience for an extra $2.99 per month.

If you’re on the Prime Video website, go to:

Account & Settings >> Your Account >> Go Ad Free

You can select Start Subscription from there.

If you’re doing it from the Fire TV, other smart TVs, game consoles, and other similar devices where you use the Prime Video app, you’ll need to go to:

Settings >> Prime >> Go Ad Free

From there you will click Start Subscription.

There isn’t a yearly option by the looks of it. You’ll need to pay each month, even if you choose the yearly payment for your Amazon Prime account. This is better if you only tend to watch Prime Video now and then so you pay for the ad-free experience when you need it. However, it would be better to get it cheaper for the year like we do with Amazon Prime.

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