Fallout has some positive news when it comes to a renewal

Fallout has only just arrived on Prime Video, and there's already some exciting news. It looks like Season 2 is happening.
(L-R) Ella Purnell (Lucy) and Kyle MacLachlan (Overseer Hank) in “Fallout”
(L-R) Ella Purnell (Lucy) and Kyle MacLachlan (Overseer Hank) in “Fallout” /

Eyes are on the future of various Amazon shows. The most recent one is Fallout, which gets a release a day earlier than expected.

This early release was already exciting news for fans. It came with some other exciting news. It does look like there will be a second season.

It is worth noting that the show hasn’t been officially renewed by Amazon just yet. However, there are signs that there are positive decisions behind the scenes.

Fallout is moving to California for Season 2

If a second season does happen, it looks like production will move from New York to California. This is due to a $25 million tax credit that the series is being offered, according to IGN.

This happened to Citadel in 2023. Before the finale and before the official renewal, fans learned that the series would move from the UK to California due to a tax credit. This led to speculation that the series had been quietly renewed, and it wasn’t long after that we learned Season 2 was definitely happening.

That action series is now in limbo, it seems. The strike actions in the summer and the lackluster reviews of the series have led to many speculating that Amazon as unrenewed the series. However, it’s all speculation right now, and Fallout shouldn’t face the same problem.

For one, Fallout won’t be caught up in strike action as the contracts have been ratified for a few more years. There seems to be a little more anticipation for this series compared to Citadel, likely due to the fanbase already there. On top of that, the reviews have been glowing for the series so far.

When will we hear about Fallout Season 2?

Amazon doesn’t have a pattern for renewals. It is possible that an announcement could be made sometime today or tomorrow ahead of the release of the episodes, especially based on the positive reviews.

If not early, we may get a quick renewal after the release of all eight episodes. Amazon does have a habit of quick renewals when a show has performed well immediately. Just look at how fast the renewal for Reacher Season 2 came in after just three days of the first episodes out. Then the show got an early, quiet renewal for Season 3. Amazon loves to support its well-performing shows, so we just need to prove that this is a series we want more of by binge-watching immediately.

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Fallout drops on Wednesday, April 10 at 6 p.m. PT on Prime Video.