Fallout cast guide: Who stars in the video game adaptation?

The world of Fallout has a new TV series coming to Prime Video. Take a look at the cast for the series.
Fallout. Image courtesy of Prime Video
Fallout. Image courtesy of Prime Video /

If you’re a fan of dystopian futures and video games, you’ll know all about Fallout. It’s set in a world where nuclear war has destroyed the planet.

Prime Video’s series adaptation arrives on Thursday, April 11. It picks up in a world where World War II led to the development of a retrofuturistic society. Nuclear technology advanced to a scary level, leading to both a resource and a nuclear war.

Everyone headed to fallout bunkers called Vaults. They were designed to protect humanity from nuclear annihilaton. Two centuries later, a Vault Dweller, Lucy, from Vault 33 needs to head out into the brutal and hostile world of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in search for supplies. What will she find along the way?

This is already getting great reviews from game fans and non-game fans alike. You won’t want to miss out, but you’ll also want to see who is starring in the series to get a sense of what to expect.

Fallout main cast

There are only three in the main cast for the first season of Fallout.

Ella Purnell takes on the rule of Lucy MacLean, the Vault Dweller who heads out into the world. You can see Purnell in the first season of Yellowjackets and as the lead in both seasons of Bittersweet on Starz.

Aaron Moten is Maximum, a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel. You can see him in Emancipation and Father Stu.

Then there’s Walton Goggins as Cooper Howard/The Ghoul. This is a bounty hunter and mutated gunslinger, who has been alive since the bombs fell. He knows this world well. Goggins is the most well-known of the main cast, appearing in the likes of The Shield, Justified, and Predators.

Fallout guest cast

What about the guest cast? After all, there are non-playing characters who show up and help to develop the world of the video games, sending the Vault Dweller on side missions. We can expect some of them to show up throughout the series.

They include:

Kyle MacLachlan as Hank MacLean, Luch’s father
Xelia Mendes-Jones as Dane
Mike Doyle as Mr. Spencer
Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus
Cherien Dabis as Birdie
Michael Emerson as Wilzig
Sarita Choudhury as Moldaver
Zach Cherry as Woody Thomas
Matt Berry as “Mr. Handy”

Get ready to delve deeper into the world of Fallout. With a lot of hope, this is going to be like The Last Of Us, which gave us just the adaptation of that video game that we needed.

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Fallout drops all eight episodes on Thursday, April 11 on Prime Video.