Expats is likely to arrive on Prime Video earlier than anticipated

Expats will officially arrive on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 26, but there is a chance that North American viewers will get it a day early.
Clarke (Brian Tee), Margaret (Nicole Kidman)
Clarke (Brian Tee), Margaret (Nicole Kidman) /

Eyes are on the new releases on Prime Video this week. Expats starring Nicole Kidman is definitely the big one.

Based on the novel The Expatriates by Janice Y.K. Lee, the series follows a group of expatriates in Hong Kong. A chance meeting leads to some life-altering events. Now the group will need to figure out how to live with the consequences. Would it be better if they just moved away?

There are six episodes to the series, with the first two dropping this Friday, Jan. 26. However, there is a chance that you won’t need to wait until Friday morning to watch the show.

Expats could arrive on Thursday, Jan. 25

Keep an eye on your Prime Video account on Thursday, Jan. 25. Expats could drop at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. This is all thanks to time zones.

The official release time is midnight UK time on Friday, Jan. 26. For a lot of countries that is bad news. The time zones are in front. For North America, we’re hours behind the UK. It means that the release is often much earlier. In fact, if you look at the listing for the show right now, you’ll see 7 p.m. ET listed.

This isn’t a guarantee, though. While Amazon has allowed the early releases for years, there is always a chance that things could change. Amazon could move the releases to midnight ET or even midnight PT, which is what other streaming platforms opt for.

After the first two episodes, the remaining four episodes will release on a weekly basis.

Expats is going to be worth waiting for, especially if you love the book. And if you have moved countries yourself, I think you’ll connect even more to the story than others.

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Expats will officially premiere on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 26.