Don't miss an episode of Expats on Prime Video (full release schedule)

Expats premieres on Friday, Jan. 26, but it's not a full binge-watch. Here's the full release schedule so you don't miss an episode.
Expats -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Expats -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

We always have to check on the release schedule for a Prime Video series. Amazon isn’t consistent with the way it releases content. That's the case for Expats.

We are getting used to big shows getting released on a weekly basis, though. With Nicole Kidman in the lead for Expats, it probably won’t be surprising to hear that the series is getting a weekly release.

The first two episodes drop on Friday, Jan. 26. Look out for it a little earlier than that in North America. A lot of Amazon shows drop at around 7 p.m. ET the day before the official release thanks to time zones. After that, the episodes will come out week.

Expats release schedule on Prime Video

There are six episodes in this series, which is not currently billed as a limited series. This is despite it being based on a book, which usually means only the content from the book is adapted. However, with Kidman in the series, it wouldn’t be surprising if the series was extended. We just have to look at Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers to see that what should have been limited series have more stories to tell.

The first two episodes drop at once. Amazon will then release one episode per week. Here’s the full schedule:

Jan. 26: Episodes 1 and 2
Feb. 2: Episode 3
Feb. 9: Episode 4
Feb. 16: Episode 5
Feb. 23: Episode 6

Yes, the season finale will air on Friday, Feb. 23 on Prime Video. With the way Amazon drops content, look out for it on Thursday, Feb. 22.

We’ll be on the look out for any renewal news. This series could potentially work as a one-season series, but if there are more stories to tell, we’re sure to see it adapted.

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Expats is available to stream on Prime Video starting Friday, Jan. 26.