Expats parent guide: Why is the Amazon series rated TV-MA?

Expats isn't a series for young children to watch. Here's a look at what to expect in this new Amazon series.
Clarke (Brian Tee), Margaret (Nicole Kidman)
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Expats arrives on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 26, but don’t expect this to be a show to watch with the kids. It’s a 16+ series in Canada, which means that it’s a TV-MA series in the United States.

TV-MA is given to shows that are rated for 18 and above. However, some older teenagers may appreciate the storytelling and be able to watch.

Before you go into any series with them, though, you’ll want to understand a little about it. It’s important to know why the show has been given the rating that it has.

Why is Expats TV-MA?

The series does have some heavy topics to discuss. The three women who meet each other have faced loss, sadness, and major life events that have some long-term consequences. They do drink, and they do use some foul language. There may be elements of nudity within the series, although it’s not exactly how much, as Amazon hasn’t shared too much about this.

The storylines aren’t going to be all that interesting for younger children. This is based on a book for adults. It has topics such as marriage problems, death, fertility issues, mental health problems, and so much more. While there may not be as much violence and gore as the likes of The Boys, the topics themselves won’t resonate with younger audiences.

They could resonate with older teenagers. They’re the sorts of topics that help people gain empathy and understanding. One of the characters, Mercy, is a young Korean American. She is struggling to find her place in life after graduating from Columbia. She’s the one that most of the older teenagers are going to connect to.

Overall, I’d keep this series as one for you. You deserve to have a show that you don’t share with your children.

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Expats premieres on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 26.