Elle Woods is coming back in a new Legally Blonde Amazon series, but this time as a teenager

Since the hints that a Legally Blonde spin-off could happen with Amazon's takeover of MGM, it's what we've wanted to see. Well, our desires are being brought to life with an Elle series.
Amazon Debuts Inaugural Upfront Presentation
Amazon Debuts Inaugural Upfront Presentation / Slaven Vlasic/GettyImages

If there is one movie from the 2000s that we still love, it’s Legally Blonde. Elle Woods was the woman so many of us wanted to be.

While her breakup and people looking down on her at the end of college certainly pushed her to get to Harvard and prove her worth in law, that wasn’t the only driving force. One thing may have wanted to see is what drove her to go to college in the first place. What pushed her to become this woman supporting women, especially considering her looks and the stereotype of people like her?

That’s what we get to find out in the upcoming Amazon series. During its inaugural Upfronts, Amazon announced that Reese Witherspoon and her Hello Sunshine banner would bring us a Legally Blonde prequel series.

What we know about the Elle series so far

We know what happened after Elle Woods graduated college, but now we get to see her before her college days. Elle is set during high school, bringing us a teenage Elle Woods. This is a chance to see the life experiences that shaped her into the woman that she becomes.

There’s very little that we actually know about Elle’s younger years. This offers up plenty of room to craft a compelling story and bring a younger version of this brilliant lawyer to life.

Laura Kittrell is taking on showrunning duties for the series. She is also creating the story. We’re sure to see Witherspoon involved though considering she is the one who brought this character to life.

There are no other details at this time. It’s certainly a series we’re looking out for.

Is this the same Legally Blonde spin-off previously announced?

Deadline had announced a Legally Blonde spin-off series. That one was being helmed by Gossip Girl’s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine company was also connected to the series, as well as Marc Platt, the producer of the movie franchise.

There we no details about this spin-off series. It is not the same one as Amazon announced at the Upfronts, and this other one is only in the preliminary stages right now.

With Amazon taking over MGM, it opens the door to many more Legally Blonde projects. We can’t wait to see Elle in her teenage years, but we would also love to see where she is now.

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