DVD and Digital releases happening this week: The Swearing Jar and more

The Swearing Jar is just one of the DVD releases happening on Tuesday, March 5. Here's a look at everything coming to both DVD and Digital this week.
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The start of March is relatively slow in the terms of DVD and Digital releases. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to get, but Tuesday, March 5 doesn’t have any of the “big” releases.

There are some great movies heading to either DVD or Digital, though. It all depends on the type of movies you love to watch and the genres you’re interested in. It could also depend on the actors you follow.

The Swearing Jar, A Brush With Love, and more

There are a few romance dramas heading to Digital this week. It’s a little late for the month of love, but better late than never. A Brush With Love is the first movie to look out for, especially if you’re an Arielle Kebbel fan. She stars as a woman who thinks that it’s time to give up on her dream of being an artist. That is until she meets Jamie, who paints a vision board that brings her success. Who is the mystery man in the painting?

Stephanie Bennett stars in Wedding Season, and this one is a rom-com. She is Trish, a journalist who is bridesmaid at three of her friends’ weddings. All three weddings are back-to-back, and her date isn’t able to make it. So, what happens when she ends up being partnered with the wedding photographer, who also happens to be the brother of one of her best friends?

Still not enough? Well, we’re turning to the DVD releases for the next one. This is perfect for the Patrick J. Adams fans. He plays Simon, who is married to Carey. They seem like the perfect couple, except they both have a bad swearing habit. Can they kick it before their baby arrives?

Need a horror? We’ve got you covered with one of the other DVD releases. Lord of Misrule is the one to look out for. During the harvest festival, the daughter of the town’s new priest goes missing. Of course, the whole town heads out in search for her, but it turns out that this town has a dark history of sacrifices.

All the DVD releases happening this week

Lord of Misrule
The Swearing Jar
Who Are You People

All the Digital releases this week

A Brush with Love
Perfect Days
Wedding Season
When Love Springs

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