No, Doctor Who isn't streaming on Prime Video, but here's where you can watch it

Doctor Who Season 1 (or Season 14, depending on who you're talking to) premieres tonight, Friday, May 10. Here's where you'll need to go to stream it, and whether it will come to Amazon in another way in the future.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

Are you ready for another journey through space and time? Doctor Who is back, and you’re sure to want to tune in as soon as episodes drop.

Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson take on the roles of The Doctor and companion Ruby Sunday in this new season. We met them in the Christmas Day special in 2023, and now it’s time to continue their stories. What does bi-generation mean for The Doctor, and what is the mystery behind Ruby Sunday? Who is the One Who Waits?

Of course, now you need to know where to stream the episodes. Will there be a way to watch on Amazon in the future? Here’s what we know about Doctor Who Season 14 (or Season 1 if you’re going by Disney’s promotion).

Doctor Who will not come to Prime Video

Don’t expect the season to arrive on Prime Video to stream with your Prime membership. It also won’t be available via Amazon Channels like it has been in the past. Disney+ has taken over the international licensing of this series.

In a way, this is a good thing. There is a slightly bigger budget for the series. It also means that everyone in the world gets to watch the show at the same time with a global release. However, we will miss not being able to watch it on AMC via Amazon Channels.

If you’re in the UK, the episodes will be on iPlayer rather than Disney+.

Doctor Who will still likely come to Amazon Instant Video eventually

Despite being on Disney+ internationally, the series is still a Bad Wolf production and it still airs on BBC One in the UK. It will also still be on iPlayer. This is important when it comes to the digital release of the series. We’re still expecting Doctor Who to come to Digital in the future. We’ve seen this happen when the likes of Netflix has taken over a show. If a show got a DVD and Digital release, that usually continues.

It could take some time for a Digital and DVD release for Doctor Who, though. We could have to wait six to 12 months to buy the episodes. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this. Once the episodes are on Digital, they will be available via Amazon Instant Video.

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