5 best rom-coms to watch for Valentine's Day 2024

It's all about love today, Valentine's Day. Here are five rom-coms you need to check out tonight.

Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video
Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video /
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Book Club

Not all rom-coms have to be about young people finding love. They can also involve the older generation, and that’s what Book Club does.

Four friends have a book club going. They decide it’s time to add some spice to their reading, and they choose 50 Shades of Grey. As they realize what they’re missing in their lives, they head out on a hunt for passion and love. Some enjoy new romances, while others rekindle old flames.

This is a fun movie that reminds us that live isn’t over as we get older. There is another chance at love. You just have to be willing to take it.

Book Club is available on Paramount+, which is available via Amazon Channels. It’s sequel is on Prime Video.


Finally, we have a fantasy rom-com to check out. This one involves a man who has an accident and finds himself in a world where nobody knows of The Beatles. As an aspiring musician, he realizes that he can take advantage of that.

He brings the music of The Beatles to the world. There is one song he can’t quite remember the lyrics to, which haunts him throughout it.

Wait, where’s the rom-com element to it? Well, it’s in his interest in Ellie, who helps to set him up with a local music producer who helps him become famous. Does it all work out? Do people find out about The Beatles? Watch to find out.

Yesterday is available to stream on Prime Video.

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