5 best rom-coms to watch for Valentine's Day 2024

It's all about love today, Valentine's Day. Here are five rom-coms you need to check out tonight.

Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video
Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video /
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No Hard Feelings

Another release on the newer side is No Hard Feelings. Jennifer Lawrence stars as a woman simply trying to make ends meet. When her car is towed and her house is on the line, she needs to figure out a way to make some money.

Well, that way comes to her in a questionable one. Parents of a teenager who is heading off to college soon have a job for her. They want her to “date” their son. They want her to make sure he has all the life experiences an 18-year-old should have, worried that he has been too much of a reclusive in high school.

Yes, it goes as hilariously wrong as you would think. It’s a must-watch movie tonight.

No Hard Feelings is available to buy or rent on Amazon Instant Video.

Meet Cute

Gary and Sheila meet in a bar one night. They seem to have the perfect date, but then things take a turn by the end. Then, they end up meeting again.

It turns out that Sheila is a time traveler. Dealing with suicidal thoughts, she finds out that a tanning bed is a time machine. It takes her back 24 hours, so she can relive the best date of her life over and over again. Of course, the more she goes back, the more disastrous this date ends up being. After all, she decides that Gary needs some fixing, and she is determined to turn him into the perfect man.

But is he actually all that flawed? And what happens when Gary starts to feel like something is off? Could he decide to time travel, too?

Meet Cute is available to rent on Amazon Instant Video