5 best rom-coms to watch for Valentine's Day 2024

It's all about love today, Valentine's Day. Here are five rom-coms you need to check out tonight.
Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video
Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video /
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Upgraded is the newest rom-com on Prime Video to watch this Valentine’s Day

If you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, Amazon has you covered. Whether you want to watch something on Prime Video or you’re happy to buy or rent on Digital, there are some great movies for Valentine’s Day 2024.

We will include a newer movie that you’ll want to check out from the weekend. Others are somewhat older, but they are still classics, and maybe you haven’t watched them all!


The first on the list is the newer option. Camila Mendes stars as Ana, an intern who ends up on a last-minute trip for work. Due to some changes, she ends up upgraded on the flight, and that leads to her meeting William, played by Archie Renaux.

William ends up mistaking Ana for her boss. Of course, Ana decides to run with that thinking nothing more of it. However, it turns out to be something much bigger when she finds out William is far more important in her boss’s life than they realized.

It kicks off a fun chain of events. It’s sure to be a light movie for the night.

Upgraded is now available on Prime Video.