Amazon probably won't save Warrior from cancellation

Warrior has been canceled after three seasons. As much as we'd love for it to happen, Amazon probably won't save it.
Warrior Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/WarnerMedia
Warrior Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/WarnerMedia /

Warrior fans got some bad news just ahead of Christmas. HBO has decided not to renew the martial arts period drama for a fourth season.

Yes, that means that cliffhanger ending is going to leave us wanting more. The series will remain on Max to watch, but there will be nothing more to the story. There were far too many storylines left open for this to happen.

It means fans want a streamer to step in to save the show. This show has already been saved once, though. Cinemax canceled all original programming and Max stepped in to save it for a third season after it gained an audience on the streamer. Is it possible for something like this to happen again? If it does, it’s not likely to be Amazon that helps.

Why won’t Amazon save Warrior?

It’s not that the show isn’t good enough. The problem comes down to the streaming platform that is getting a non-exclusive license to stream the current episodes.

Netflix is getting that opportunity. This could still be a great thing for the series. Netflix has breathed new life in a lot of shows. We just have to see how new fans have found Suits and how people found Outlander after it got to stream on Netflix. This could mean that there’s a new fanbase finding Warrior.

It looks like the door is open for Netflix to save the show should the audience end up finding it. Whether Netflix does or not is another thing, but the option is there.

But this does mean that it’s unlikely that Amazon will step in to save the series. Amazon won’t get a chance to see what the viewing numbers are like when it’s on Netflix, and it’s harder with Netflix getting that non-exclusive license.

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Warrior is still available to stream on Max.