Is Amazon Music free with Amazon Prime?

You can get access to Amazon Music with your Amazon Prime subscription, but you don't get access to everything.
In this photo illustration the streaming service logo Amazon...
In this photo illustration the streaming service logo Amazon... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

There is a little bit of confusion when it comes to Amazon Music and your Amazon Prime membership. After all, you’re probably getting alerts to join Amazon Music Unlimited. What is going on? We explain all in this post.

You do get access to Amazon Music for free with your Amazon Prime membership. You just don’t get access to everything. There are a few limitations compared to Amazon Music Unlimited, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough for a lot of people.

What is the difference between Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited?

You’ll get access to more songs with Amazon Music Unlimited. The sound is also in a slightly better quality, including being able to listen in lossless HD quality and Ultra HD quality. This probably won’t matter to the average music listener, but it could be a big thing if you love your music in the way many of us prefer to watch our TV shows and movies.

The catalogue is also bigger. You’ll get immediate access to the hottest new releases and you can dive deeper into your favorite artists’ catalogues. It’s possible to play songs only from one artist when it comes to playing on other devices.

Something I have noticed with Amazon Music is that when I ask Alexa to play one particular song, I get a “Playing X and similar songs.” This is beneficial if there are a few new songs to the list or to expand a genre, but I’m not always interested in listening to songs by other artists. I may want to just put on an album.

Amazon Music Unlimited is also a little more personal. It pays attention to the type of music that you listen to and puts together catalogues of music, similar to the way Spotify works. There is the option to download tracks for offline listening, and there are zero ads mixed into the experience.

While Amazon Music is free with Amazon Prime, you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for an extra $9.99 per month. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can get Amazon Music Unlimited for $10.99 per month.

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