Amazon bin stores are the money-saving secret Amazon doesn't care if you know about

Have you heard about Amazon bin stores? What are they and why doesn't Amazon care if you know about them?
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With the way inflation and the cost of living are, you need to find ways to save money as much as possible. You still want to shop Amazon products, though. Well, it’s time to turn to Amazon bin stores.

They’re also known as Amazon liquidation bin stores, but you won’t usually find them with the name “Amazon” in them. After all, that sort of branding involves legalities that the stores won’t want to deal with. Here in Canada, Krazy Binz is one of the names of the bin stores, but there are a few others around.

Amazon doesn’t mind people are selling discounted products via these stores. The more you understand about them, the more it will make sense why.

What are Amazon bin stores?

An Amazon liquidation bin store allows business to purchase the excess and overstocked stock from Amazon. They will also get items people have returned to Amazon. They then sell the products at a slightly marked up price for what they buy for, but it’s always a heavily discounted price compared to what you get on Amazon.

This could be anything from notebooks and stationary to coffee machines and straighteners. The price is set depending on the day that you head in. The Amazon bin stores by me will set a $25 price on a Thursday and Friday and then will lower the prices to around just $1 on a Wednesday. Thursdays are when the new stocks come in, so it’s the most expensive day to shop.

Everything in the store is that day’s price. So, you could get a coffee machine for just $1 if there’s one left on a Wednesday when you go in.

Aren’t you just getting low-quality items?

You will need to be careful when you go in. There are going to be some items that aren’t worth the top prices. Think of notebooks that would usually only cost $10. Why would you pay the higher prices? Go on the lower-priced days to get a good deal.

The quality of the items can be affected based on how they’ve been packaged and how they were returned. Some products may have missing parts, so you need to check what you’re buying. Sales tend to be final. You’ll find that a lot of the stores don’t want you to open items to make sure everything is there, so you’ll need to use your own judgment.

However, there are a lot of high quality items within the stores. Many of the top end electronics are often put behind the counter. This helps protect them from the people looking around the stores and working their way through the bins.

Where are Amazon bins stores located?

If you type in “Amazon bin stores near me” into your favorite search engine, you’re going to find the businesses located in your area. I just did that and pulled up the two in my city and a couple in neighboring cities.

They won’t have Amazon in their business names, but they will add Amazon in their website details. This helps to make sure they come up in your search terms. So, if you see something like The Bin Store, you know that it’s actually an Amazon bin store.

Amazon doesn’t mind that people are selling these products. After all, these pallets have been bought from Amazon. It’s up to the businesses what they do with those products after, and they’re not exactly price gouging compared to the actual retail price of the products. Amazon has still made money.

Plus, you deserve to save money. Use the bin stores to your advantage.

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