A-Train's new realization puts him at risk of death in The Boys Season 4 finale

There is always a major cliffhanger and usually a death at the end of The Boys seasons. Could The Boys Season 4 end with A-Train's death?
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC.
Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC. /

The Seven members come and go. We’ve seen multiple changes throughout The Boys the last three seasons, and we’re expecting the fourth season finale to bring another. That could be in the form of a death.

Caution: This post contains spoilers for The Boys Season 4, Episode 7

Up to this point in the season, A-Train has decided to work against Vought and Homelander. He is the mole, and Sister Sage knows it. Only, Sister Sage isn’t telling Homelander. Why not? Well, that still remains to be seen. She didn’t give an answer at the end of the recent hour.

A-Train has a reason to go against Homelander. He’s done with Homelander calling the shots. He’s done with Supes being what they are. He gave a great speech to Mother’s Milk during Episode 7, making it clear that doing something without all the people around to witness it made him feel good. Only one boy say him take MM to the hospital, and for once, A-Train didn’t hate himself.

This is a huge turn of events for the superhero. He’s grown so much from the days of thinking he gets to do whatever he wants with no consequences. Seeing everything that happened to his brother and realizing that heroic actions don’t need to be done in front of the world have led to him growing as a person. And that’s not good for a TV series like this if a character wants to survive.

Will A-Train sacrifice himself in The Boys Season 4 finale?

If you’ve watched enough Eric Kripke shows, you’ll know that an antagonist turning into a protagonist is not a good thing for a character to stick around. This redemption arc tends to lead to a sacrifice.

For A-Train, a sacrifice may be necessary. After all, Homelander isn’t going to let A-Train live after finding out he’s the mole. Homelander will want revenge. A-Train may be fast, but he’s not fast enough to avoid Homelander for good.

Queen Meave knew that the only way to get away from Homelander was to fake her death. She made a sacrifice at the end of The Boys Season 3, taking on Soldier Boy and losing her abilities. Ashley hid the fact that Maeve was still alive, allowing Maeve to fake her death and go off into secrecy with the love of her life.

We likely won’t see a similar storyline for A-Train. After all, you could tell Maeve never really liked doing terrible things. She had a slow arc from the very beginning of the series, feeling awful that the plane of people went down to the ground. A-Train has only just recently started to want to do what’s right, and he doesn’t like himself in the way that Maeve liked who she was when she was with her girlfriend.

A-Train has got his family out. The only next step in a show like this is for a sacrifice, and he could do it to save either Hughie or Mother’s Milk, the two characters he’s had the most time with and done the worst to.

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