5 steamy romance movies you need to watch on Amazon for Valentine's Day 2024

Valentine's Day 2024 is just around the corner. Here are five steamy romance movies to check out on the day.
Los Angeles Premiere Of Aviron Pictures' "After" - Arrivals
Los Angeles Premiere Of Aviron Pictures' "After" - Arrivals / Jean Baptiste Lacroix/GettyImages
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A Nice Girl Like You

This movie is more of a comedic steamy romance than a drama, but it’s still a great option for Valentine’s Day 2024. Lucy Hale stars as Lucy Neal, and she certainly brings out a new side to her acting style.

A Nice Girl Like You follows Lucy, who decides to go on a journey of change when her ex-boyfriend tells her she’s too inhibited. It’s time to stop worrying about what society thinks and focus on discovering herself and what she likes. Lucy creates a wild to-do list of all the spicy things she’s missed out on, but will she be able to complete them all?

Magic Mike

We can’t have this list without the Magic Mike movies, can we? Channing Tatum is everything in these movies, but we are watching for the plot. Honest!

By day, Mike makes a living doing odd jobs. He’s a handyman, he builds furniture, he details cars. You name it, he will hire out himself to do it. However, at night, he is the leading headline at a male strip club. When he sees potential in a 19-year-old he calls Kid, he pulls him in and shows him the ropes. As the movies go on, we see other sides of the life of a male stripper.