25 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

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3. Halloween

Release Year: 2007

Written By: Rob Zombie

Directed By: Rob Zombie

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris, William Forsythe

We know Halloween as a harmless holiday where kids dress up in exchange for free candy. But in the horror movie world, it’s so much more. Based on the 1978 classic horror film, which was borne in a wave of post-Psycho slasher movies, Rob Zombie reimagined the story of Michael Meyers with his 2007 reboot.

Zombie’s Halloween sticks to the same premise as John Carpenter’s original, in which proven killer Michael Myers escapes from a psychiatric hospital to his childhood home to resume his killings. On Halloween night, Michael (Tyler Mane) stalks Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) all while avoiding his psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell).

Unlike the original Halloween film, Rob Zombie explores the motivations of Michael Myers’ murders in an attempt to understand the man behind the mask. Almost 40 years after the original and 10 years after the remake, the story of Michael Myers still delivers the same slasher scares, and that’s no trick.