25 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

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6. Ouija Summoning

Release Year: 2016

Directed By: Marwan Mokbel

Starring: Kristen Hagen, Marty Dew, Christina Evans, Tony Colitti

Leave it to a spooky board game to live a second life as a series of films. As if we weren’t terrified enough of even being near a Ouija board, much less tempting fate and playing with one, here comes an onslaught of horror movies based on the creepy sleepover seance-starter.

Although Ouija Summoning isn’t connected to 2014’s major studio release Ouija or it’s 2016 prequel Ouija: Origin of Evil, it scares all the same. Sara’s life turns upside down when a spirit awakened from a Ouija board kills her son and returns years later to torment her once more.

Ouija Summoning doesn’t boast the same production value as its studio counterparts, but it shares the same capability to summon gasps of terror. You should definitely check out Ouija Summoning on Amazon Prime Video, but keep the Ouija boards closed.