50 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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47. The Domestics 

Release Year: 2018

Written and Directed by Mike P. Nelson

Starring Tyler Hoechlin, Kate Bosworth, Lance Reddick, Sonoya Mizuno, Dana Gourrier, Thomas Francis Murray, David Dastmalchian

Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechilin teams up with Kate Bosworth in this American post-apocalyptic movie, as Mark and Nina West. It takes place months after a chemical weapon attack on America destroys the majority of the country. You’re either part of a themed gang or a non-hostile survivor, known as the “Domestics.” The Wests are “Domestics,” determined to find one of the only safe havens in the country.

It means traveling across country to Milwaukee. Along the way, they’ll face the gangs and the lawless states, while also finding basic ways to survive.

This is one of those B movies that you need to check out. While it’s a very similar story to so many other post-apocalyptic tales out there, Mike P. Nelson offers a stark view of the world. If you loved How It Ends for the realities of life after an apocalypse, then you’re going to enjoy this.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, audiences are mixed on The Domestics, with the movie holding a 49% approval rating. However, critics are in agreement that this is one to check out and that’s why it makes it to the list of movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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