50 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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Midsommar, Amazon Prime VIdeo
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23. Midsommar (2019)

Directed and written by Ari Aster

Starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Will Poulter

Midsommar is an excellent thriller that starts off with a couple on a vacation to an idyllic town. If only things would remain that way. It’s soon clear that there’s something strange about the people in the town, and it turns out there’s a pagan cult involved.

However, this also has a personal aspect to it. Pugh plays the role of Dani Ardor, a woman who is grieving the loss of her family. Her sister killed herself and their parents through carbon monoxide in the home, and now she needs to deal with her feelings and move forward in life. At the same time, she needs to deal with her relationship, which is crumbling around her as she pulls away due to the events with her family.

It’s a dark tale that isn’t afraid to make you think and feel. What you think is happening and going on may not be the case.

This is one of Ari Aster’s best works to date, and shows off more to come in the future. At the same time, it marks Florence Pugh’s rise to fame, as she continues to deliver on her star potential. You’re not going to want to miss out on this A24 movie.

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