35 Best Christmas Gifts for Him on Amazon

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21. Motorola Two-Way Radio 

Walkie Talkies aren’t just for boys playing around the neighborhood anymore. The Motorola two-way radio takes that to the next level with this pair providing a 10-hour talking time and offers rechargeable batteries for more life. There are 11 weather channels with alerts and 22 channels each with more than 100 privacy codes if you are exchanging confidential information from one radio to the other.

I’m guessing that type of usage won’t be for the majority of users who buy the two-way radio for home use. But it can be a great tool if you are hunting to communicate with your hunting buddies at the deer blind without trying to fumble your way to get your hands on your cellphone. With the 23-mile radius, you can use the radios when traveling in packs or if you have a large family outing and have a number of people you need to talk to at a moments notice.

Honestly, it’s just really cool to use two-way radios and takes us back to our youth when we played with walkie talkies as boys. This pair of radios comes with belt clips, charger, and rechargeable battery packs and sells for $44.99.