35 Best Christmas Gifts for Him on Amazon

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12. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer 

This mini fridge from Cooluli is a two-in-one because not only does it keep things cool but there is a switch to go from cold to food warmer. This is perfect for the basement, on the couch during football games, in the garage or on the deck. This can keep a six-pack of beer or what your beverage of choice is cold so you don’t need to miss a second of the big game by walking to the kitchen.

Plus with the USC power adapter, you can bring it anywhere you have a computer or USB charging port. There is a nice handle on the top so it makes taking it with you camping or to the beach even easier.  If you’re out tailgating at the big game, you can bring it to keep your coffee, hot chocolate or food you need to keep you nice and heated on a cold wintry day.

The mini fridge is for sale on Amazon for $42.99.