35 Best Christmas Gifts for Him on Amazon

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17. Portable Telescope

If you know a guy who is a fan of looking up the skies and gazing at the marvel of the solar system then hooking him up with a telescope for Christmas may be the best gift for him. Now, this telescope won’t allow you to search for Pluto or things of that nature, but it will be a nice telescope that is capable of sky gazing and bird watching. Think of this as a starter kit for the novice stargazer.

If your dad is more of an advanced watcher of the night’s sky, then there are plenty of more expensive alternatives with more advanced magnification specs but this telescope is affordable and gets the job done for the entry-level home astronomer who aspires to be the next Nicholas Copernicus.

This telescope could be fun for dad to take out to a field with his kids and/or grandkids and look up at the stars and spot the Big Dipper and other celestial bodies and constellations.

The portable telescope sells for $39.90.