25 Best Stocking Stuffers on Amazon

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Credit: Amazon Media Room
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23. Amazon Kindle or Amazon Fire Tablet

As we mentioned, the price of a stocking stuffer for someone might be different for someone with a much larger budget. The Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire Tablet as a stocking stuffer is definitely a gift for someone with a larger budget, although they will easily fit in a stocking.

Right now, the Amazon Kindle costs $79.99, although it was recently marked down for Black Friday. Watch for that price to drop once more as we get closer to Christmas. Obviously, we can’t guarantee the price will drop, but it seems like something Amazon would do for last-minute gift ideas.

For people who like to read, a Kindle is a great gift this holiday season.

The Amazon Fire Tablet, on the other hand, is a little more affordable than the Kindle and is currently priced at $49.99. Unlike the Kindle, the Fire tablet is perfect for surfing the web, watching videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and you can also read e-books.